Sheboygan Area SHRM Gets a Facebook Page

“Finally it happened to me, right in front of my face” (CC Peniston)….FACEBOOK has arrived to the Sheboygan Area SHRM Chapter.  We are so excited to be able to use this platform to engage new members, current members and past members by spreading across a more social platform.  We may be finally coming out of the dark ages but it will be worth it.  We have created a private group and a page.  The private group will be geared to paid chapter members only to allow freedom to ask those questions we are all thinking and to start building connections and relationships.  We are pumped to get this going.  We also have created a Facebook Page to help support marketing / membership / promotions of any and all things HR.  This will be open to the chapter and public.  It is a great way for chapter members to share with other members.  We hope to use things like recommendations and polls to keep a regular pulse with our chapter members. 

This effort is an important initiative for our chapter to further enhance our networking abilities.  Our chapter demographics and needs have changed over the last few years and we are excited for this effort to show our chapter how important they are to our success.

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