SRKA Updates Website, Sees Increase in Membership

At SRKA, we identified a need to have a comprehensive website that would manage our memberships, events, and serve as an electronic brochure for our Chapter.  We wanted one site to professionally brand our Chapter.  We needed a site to accept membership applications, renewals and event registrations.  We needed to be able to process credit payments on-line as a convenience to retain our Members and attract prospective members.  We needed to streamline membership management duties for our Board and have real time visibility to our numbers.

Our Chapter was struggling to manage membership applications and renewals.  Several Board Members were involved in the process leading to errors.  We relied on Excel spreadsheets for rosters and it was difficult to have accurate lists when needed.  Most applications and renewals were handled manually requiring trips to the bank and post office and delays in processing memberships.  New members were not added promptly to our email list and some were missed.  These efforts were time consuming and inefficient.

We were using Eventbrite to manage our events.  It was inefficient because we had to enter events there and on our website.  It was also the only place we kept our email list and the features for managing the list were not as robust as needed.

We evaluated various membership management/website providers including Wild Apricot and ultimately decided on Wild Apricot.  We established the site and enabled credit card processing with PayPal.  We transferred all of our membership records and email lists to the new site.

The new website and membership process has been a hit with our members.  Membership is up.  Our Board can now review accurate membership, event and financial information in real time.   This change has been well worth the minimal financial investment.

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