Dodge County SHRM is Using Social Media to Grow their Chapter

Over the last few months the use of our social media accounts has become lax. With the new membership year coming up for Dodge County SHRM, and the change in our Social Media/Website Coordinator, we are going to use social media to help grow our chapter even more than it has in the last few years.

Social media has become the way to get information out to millions of people at one time and an easy way to promote, not only business for large companies, but to recruit people to join non-profit organizations. With the use of social media Dodge County SHRM will have the opportunity to promote  our chapter to not just those living in the area, but to people around the world. Of course the goal is for more area professionals to join our chapter, benefit from our monthly meetings, and  to share their knowledge and experiences with others in our group, who in turn will do the same.

Dodge County SHRM has used Facebook and LinkedIn in the past, and we are  adding Twitter and Instagram to the mix as well. Using all of these platforams to promote our chapter and the activities that we are involved in will make it fun and interesting for everyone to read and look at, even if you are not a member. Using all of these accounts will allow us to share meeting announcemnets, articles on importanat HR changes, photos of events we are part of, and so much more.

When area professionals that are not yet a part of our chapter see the fun that we have and the extensive knowledge that many of our members share with us, they will want to become part of Dodge County SHRM.

Want to join in on the fun? Follow us on:

LinkedIn –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –

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