GMA SHRM Volunteer Recognition Awards & Casino Night Recap

GMA SHRM started new volunteer recognition awards in 2017 to thank our members that have made a significant impact to our organization. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers that take time out of their busy schedules to give back to the Chapter. Without them, we would not be able to provide the wonderful programming and communications that support the Human Resources profession.
We have three award categories and we were pleased to announce the 2017 winners of
those awards at our August Casino Night – a unique & fun filled member networking event.  Casino Night was a hit & transcended the traditional “happy hour” experience – members mingled while betting big on black jack, roulette, and more. Card sharks and novice gamblers alike shared laughs and created connections – meaning everyone left as a winner!
Congrats to our 2017 Award Winners
Alicia Foulker & Clara Tavarez is this year’s GMA SHRM RISING STAR!
The GMA SHRM Rising Star award is intended for a volunteer who has been volunteering less than 2 years with the chapter and has made a big impact on GMA SHRM.  Alicia received this award for being very involved with Student Night out, taking the event from a small event on UW Madison’s campus and evolving it into a large, engaging event with keynote speakers and panelists.  Clara is also a deserving participant due to her involvement with our annual Human Capital Conference in May.  Clara also recently took over as newsletter chair for GMA SHRM which is a big undertaking and a monthly responsibility. Clara has been willing to jump in and lend a hand on multiple committees.
Cory Erickson is this year’s GMA SHRM AMBASSADOR!
The GMA SHRM Ambassador is for a volunteer or member who has been with
GMA SHRM for 3+ years and has always spoken highly of GMA SHRM and is always
advocating to the greater Madison Community about our chapter and what we offer.  Cory is not only a gold sponsor for GMA SHRM, but a great senior leader, mentor and
friend to many of our members. He volunteers with GMA SHRM, as well as other
organizations in the community, attends nearly every event and is a great ambassador for our chapter.
Kathy Wright is this year’s GMA SHRM CHAMPION!
The GMA SHRM Champion award is given to a volunteer who has been volunteering for 5+ years and is someone GMA SHRM has always been able to count on to help where  needed.  The GMA SHRM Champion is committed to the chapter and the greater Madison HR community.  Kathy has been involved with GMA for several years and has volunteered on nearly every committee. Though she has a demanding day job, she always finds time to support any initiative the committee has and dedicates herself to the activity.
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