I had the pleasure of attending my first Volunteer Leadership Summit in November 2016. Each year, our chapter sends the incoming President-Elect to attend this event in Washington D.C. I can truly say this was an amazing experience that prepared me well for the President-Elect and President roles.

Upon arrival, our state council welcomed me with open arms, and we spent an evening touring the city and taking in all the beautiful sights and history. During the conference itself, I participated in many breakout sessions according to chapter size, topic of interest, and leadership training sessions. It became apparent, not even halfway through the first day, how much SHRM cares about preparing its leaders to create and maintain successful chapters.

One of the most beneficial parts of the conference was the chapter-size breakout sessions. During these sessions, leaders from around the country exchanged ideas, asked questions, and gave advice to each other. The time spent in these sessions was invaluable as each person truly cared and wanted to help each other succeed.

I remember when I first came on the Board in 2015, I felt very overwhelmed and was unfamiliar with half of the things the Board was discussing. This conference filled in all the blanks for me. From the Keynote speakers, to the breakout sessions, to the leadership trainings, I would recommend the VLS conference for anyone in a SHRM chapter board or leadership position! I am very grateful to be a member of a chapter that sees the value of our board members attending such events!

-Central Wisconsin SHRM
Kelsie Haase
Account Executive
Office: 715.203.8877
Cell: 715.965.0256

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