GMA-SHRM Shakes Up Programming

Beginning January 2016, GMA-SHRM made a major change in their programming by offering a membership that includes free attendance to all programming events except the Human Capital Conference. The reason for this change was to provide more value to the members by making it easier for them to attend events. Members now only have to ask their employer once for the membership fee instead of asking for reimbursement for each programming fee. Dues did increase slightly, but there’s been extremely positive feedback and comments on how much easier it is to renew their membership and not have to pay for each event separately.

Along with the inclusive membership change, the programming structure was also modified.  Instead of monthly events, the summits and toolboxes were combined into quarterly Professional Development Summits (PDS).  Two educational sessions (PDS) are offered in one day four times per year, equaling eight educational programs. Members still receive just as much education but are only out of the office four mornings of the year instead of eight. GMA-SHRM plans to continue offering quality programming and recertification credits (both HRCI and SHRM) for all of these events. Interestingly, these changes have resulted in double the attendance at the events to date, which provides additional value by giving members a larger network of individuals to connect with at the event and giving our partners a wider audience.

GMA-SHRM also started offering monthly networking opportunities through a HR Advice Network Roundtable that replaced past roundtables and the solo HR practitioner Resource Group. These are also free events that are included in the new all-inclusive membership fee. They are offered as a resource for GMA SHRM HR professionals to get together and share information, seek advice, discuss best practices, and provide support to one another.  Some questions captured at these events are also posted on GMA-SHRM’s on-line Idea Exchange; another resource that allows members to connect and tap into each other’s knowledge and expertise.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these changes or resources, please contact Melissa Chadwick, the current president, at

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