Future of the Workplace with GB SHRM

Rapid changes in society and technology have changed the workforce and employment. Today there are new pressures on workers and educators to change the way they prepare and plan for modern day careers. These changes also require employers create work environments that ensure a qualified workforce. This multimedia presentation focuses on 10 trends that impact jobs, 10 new skills that are needed today to remain relevant, and how to manage your career in a digital world. Using multimedia and current industry examples this speech will bring to life what work is about today and in the future.
Join GB SHRM and hear Dr. Tracey Wilen speak about societal changes, technology innovations, and the future of the workplace on October 19th  at 4:30 pm.  Dr. Tracey Wilen is a prominent thought leader and speaker on the impact of technology on society, work, and careers. A former visiting scholar at Stanford University, she has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems. She was an adjunct professor for Bay area colleges teaching classes in business, technology and women’s workforce topics.
For more information, visit us at www.gbshrm.org  or www.facebook.com/Green-Bay-Chapter-SHRM
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