GBSHRM Partners with Local Colleges, UWGB and SNC

The Green Bay SHRM Chapter has been working hard over the last year to support our local Student SHRM chapters.  Our relationships are with St Norbert College and University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB).  Each semester, our chapter provides speakers who meet with the student chapters, on campus, to discuss a HR topic for approximately 60 minutes  Our goal is to educate by sharing our experiences and answering any questions they may have.  We want them to learn from those who work in the field so they have an idea of what it may be like after graduation.  We have had members speak on diversity, training & development, recruiting, legal and compliance, and a day in the life of an HR professional, just to name a few.

In addition to providing speakers for the Student Chapter meetings, we’ve also partnered with the schools, especially UWGB, to provide speakers for several HR classes.  In speaking with the professor, having HR Professionals from local businesses come to speak with the students adds tremendous value, value you cannot get from reading a textbook.  This Spring, we had volunteers speak on topics such as learning organizations, Kaizen or LEAN approaches, strategic model for HR, quality of hire, and HR’s role in employee performance.  The feedback from the college has been extremely positive.

Finally, we have businesses who are also getting involved.  First, a few businesses have volunteered to be available for a Training and Development class project where students will be asked to find an organization they can work with to identify a skill gap, conduct a needs analysis, and ultimately, design a training course to address the gap.  Second, several businesses have offered to take a group of HR students on a local business tour, which would include a company overview and job shadow.

Our work is not done yet as we are beginning some conversations with UWGB on a possible HR conference, which would be held on campus later this year.  Our chapter will partner with the college to provide speakers on the topics of interest.  In addition, there are some initial conversations around the chapter helping with resume reviews, interviewing techniques, and possible mentoring to students going to school for HR.

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