BHRA Releases the Results of their Salary & Benefits Survey

In early February 2016, Blackhawk Human Resource Association (BHRA) in conjunction with Rock County 5.0, released the results of their Salary & Benefits Survey.  The report provides a comprehensive listing of hourly wages, 80 specific occupational titles, as well as calculations for addressing “aged data”. In addition to providing detailed salary information, employer benefits packages are profiled within the report.

More than 50 businesses / organizations participated in the Survey, covering over 6,100 employees. A sampling of the results is provided below:

  • Thirty-four percent of the respondents represented firms that are organized as C-Corporations, while slightly over 41% were classified as a pass-through entities (i.e. S-Corp or LLC).
  • In terms of industry sector, over 62% of the respondents represented Manufacturing. Other sectors represented were Education & Health Services, Professional & Business Services, Financial Activities, Public Administration, etc.
  • The average general salary budget increase, attributed to merit, COLI, and promotions was 2.5%. Meanwhile, the average pay range adjustment, attributed to increases to formal base pay ranges, was 2.2%.
  • The median turnover rates reported for 2015 and 2014 were in the 10% range, respectively.
  • Benefits packages are influenced by a number of interconnected economic, operational and workforce factors Examples includes, but are not limited to: healthcare coverages and their related premiums; paid time-off; flexible work schedules; employee attendance, referral and tuition reimbursement programs; as well as retirement and profit sharing programs.

To order a full copy of the report, please contact Rock County 5.0 or BHRA.

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