We are pleased to announce that this year, the Enterprising Leadership Grant is being awarded to La Crosse Area Society for HR Management and SHRM-Dodge County.   Each chapter was recognized at the December 2015 State Council Meeting in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Congratulations to both Chapters!

La Crosse Area SHRM (LASHRM) has partnered with the La Crosse County Well Workplace initiative to engage our members to improving the health and wellbeing of the business community and their workforces and families.  We will offer innovative ideas for workplace wellness programming, assist LASHRM chapter members in creating wellness plans for their organizations, and encourage our business community to create and maintain a healthy workforce. La Crosse Area SHRM was granted an award for $1,250.

SHRM-Dodge County has partnered with the Manufacturing Business Alliance (MBA) since 2013. The initiative for this grant is a set of three banners that are going to be displayed in nine high schools as well as the Moraine Park Technical College.  Each banner has a set of career options pertaining to different levels of experience and education.  Each banner will be displayed at a specific time during the school year to coincide with other events geared towards promoting careers in manufacturing.

The goal of the partnership is to raise awareness of career opportunities in manufacturing in order to fill the pipeline for the future. This mutually benefits both manufacturing and SHRM-Dodge County by starting the process of recruiting and developing the proper skills earlier in the cycle. SHRM-Dodge County was granted an award for $2,252.

Thank you to all the 2015 nominees!  There are some really fantastic initiatives in Wisconsin.

It’s not too early to start thinking about 2016.  Up to $4,000 is available for Wisconsin SHRM Chapter(s) to implement an activity or initiative in the area of Enterprising HR Leadership. Criteria include having 1) a partnership with an organization outside the SHRM that has goals/objectives that help advance the HR profession, and 2) a joint planned activity or initiative with that organization that demonstrates Enterprising HR Leadership (Communication, Collaboration and/or Education of/between business professionals).

For more information about the grant please contact Joanne Krueger, SHRM-CP, PHR – kruegjo@gmail.com.

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