Chapter Collaborates to Address the Skills Gap

The Sheboygan Area SHRM Chapter collaborated with our local Chamber of Commerce and colleges to provide a half-day summit targeting the local skills gap we are experiencing. While in the development stages, it was decided that this will be the first annual event, as the issues related to the skills gap extend farther than our local businesses not being able to fill open positions. This issue may lead to problems with succession planning, compromised production, morale, and a long list of other side-affects that have been identified by those present.

As you will see in the link below, about 200 local leaders came together for this summit. The day included panel discussions (which included members of our local chapter) and smaller breakout sessions to further discuss the topics. At the end of the summit, each level of representation (education, company leaders, recruiters, etc.) was asked to contribute to a “take-away.” The “take-aways” included specific plans to develop programs and resources for local businesses to attract and retain local talent.

The Sheboygan Press also published this article providing more information on the summit.

Blog post submitted by Debbie Morgan, President of Sheboygan Area SHRM

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One Response to Chapter Collaborates to Address the Skills Gap

  1. Teri Zielski says:

    This is great! Are other chapters doing similar things? I am in the Milwaukee area, and we definitely are experiencing those same challenges and would love to be a part of summit here as well!

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