Sheboygan Area SHRM Partners with Other Community Organizations to Address the Skills Gap

The Sheboygan Area chapter of SHRM has begun working on a half-day seminar to be offered in September, 2015. This venue will be offered in conjunction with the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce and the SCEDC (Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation).

For several months, representatives from all three organizations have been involved in conversations involving a common workforce struggle – the skills gap. This “gap” centers around finding enough talent to fill the growing number of vacant technical positions, finding qualified candidates from the applicants we receive, and keeping the talent in our area once we have found it. This half-day seminar will combine the efforts of all three organizations by bringing experts, educators, and professionals to address the topic and offer solutions on how to overcome this common challenge.

Although this event is still in the planning stages, the day will include a keynote speaker with lunch, breakout sessions, and an exhibit-type area for guests to meet with the speakers, local educators, and colleagues to network and gain additional insight on the topics introduced in the sessions.

While all three organizations have been working separately to find solutions for their members, this event will combine the efforts of all three to offer a more inclusive view of where we are and aid in finding resources to continue moving past the gap.

Blog post submitted by Debbie Morgan, President of Sheboygan Area SHRM

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