#WISHRM14 Speaker Spotlight – 3 Questions with Paul Hebert (@incentintel)


Paul Hebert has over 20 years’ experience designing and presenting incentive, recognition, rewards and loyalty strategies to C-level audiences at Fortune 500 firms.

He has been interviewed by the BBC as an expert on influencing behavior and been quoted in USA Today (three times) regarding incentive travel. He has authored a monthly online column for Incentive Magazine (March 2007 – August 2009 ), wrote the Incentive Intelligence – a top-rated blog on incentives and influence for employees, distribution channels and consumers, and is a contributor at Fistful of Talent – a blog about talent management.

You can read some of Paul’s thoughts about recognition, incentives, and rewards at Symbolist here. You can also find Paul on Twitter here, Google+ here, and Linkedin here

  1. Why should someone come to your session?

Contrary to popular belief when it comes to engagement technology it can be an inhibitor not an enabler. Find out the 5 things you can do to enhance employee engagement by being more human and less robot. There is still a place for humans – and it is getting more important than ever to connect IRL (in real life) if you want people to engage and be a part of the organization.

  1. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing HR professionals understanding of incentives?

Overcoming our internal biases on what ignites someone’s desire to perform and be engaged. We are human and we think we are like everyone else and project our own feelings and beliefs onto others. We believe others have similar motivational triggers and nothing is further from the truth. HR needs to step outside their own belief system and really consider what the science says when it comes to engagement and motivation.

3.  As a speaker at several HR and SHRM conferences, what one piece of advice would you have for someone attending WISHRM14?

Set up a “session buddy group.”  You can’t go to every session so don’t try. Divide and conquer. Get three or four others and divvy up the sessions and take great notes. Then get together afterword and discuss and share content and what each of you learned in the sessions you attended. Not only will this help cement the information – you now have a lunch/breakfast group to talk about the entire conference. Remember – these conferences are also about networking. Make the effort!  Oh… and see my session – that is one you all should attend!

You can see Paul’s session, “Humanizing Employee Engagement,” on Friday, October 17 at 8:30 a.m.

For more information about the 2014 WI SHRM State Conference, click here.

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