#WISHRM14 Speaker Spotlight – 3 Questions with @DwaneLay



Dwane Lay is a recovering IT geek, who focuses his time on process improvement in HR. This may mean Lean projects, process redesign, leveraging technology or just pointing out the nonsense to which we too often become numb. Dwane also is deeply involved in social media, and can be found noodling about on LeanHRBlog.com.

Having grown up in IT and Operations, being in HR is, at times, still an eye opening experience for Dwane. On the other hand, it gives him a different perspective from the “traditional” approach. Dwane is a firm believer that everyone should spend some of their formative years in a function other than the one they choose as their career path.

Dwane has been fortunate enough to be asked to serve as a writer, speaker, facilitator, and host for a number of events. He enjoys them all, and is always open to serve in these capacities for others. He can be contacted at Dwane.Lay@LeanHRBlog.com, on Twitter (@DwaneLay and @LeanHR) or on Facebook (facebook.com/dtlay and facebook.com/LeanHR).

1.  Why should someone come to your session(s)?

We do a pretty good job as a profession talking about “HR” tasks, like succession planning, merit cycles and so forth.  But I’ve always thought that we do ourselves a disservice in not talking about how to pull a problem apart to get at the root cause or how to build a sustainable plan for improving results and reducing waste.  That’s what business leaders really care about, after all, so why shouldn’t we pay attention to it.  I like to focus on simple tools that are free, but can change the way you see the world on a daily basis.  

2.  Why should someone learn about Lean HR?  

Lean HR is really all about building a plan to get better, then executing it.  I suppose if you are content to be the type who processes Direct Deposit forms all day, you can opt out of the session.  But if you deal with frustration and administrivia every day, wouldn’t it be great to know how to change your world?  We are meant to master our own destiny, and that starts with a good set of tools and skills.  Also, I’ve promised my mom that I would meet at least five new people this year, and I’m only up to three and a half  So I know she would appreciate it if a few people would attend.

3.  As a speaker at several HR and SHRM conferences, what one piece of advice would you have for someone attending WISHRM14?  

Don’t leave with your own business cards, ever.  Oh, and toss a power strip into your bag.  Outlets are always at a premium, and it’s a great way to be popular with everyone in the room.  Rest before the event, rest after the event, and go full bore while you have the chance!

You can see Dwane at his Wednesday (October 15) Pre-Conference Session on “Lean HR,” or his session, “The Black Hole of Adoption: Why HR Tech Implementations Fail” on Thursday, October 16 at 10:45 a.m.

He will be signing copies of his book, “Lean HR: Introducing Process Excellence to Your Practice” at 4:35 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15.

For more information, check out the conference website here.

As always, you can get the latest news on Twitter by following @wishrm14 or the hashtag #wishrm14

You may also like our conference Facebook page here

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