Fox Valley SHRM Chapter Hosts Leadercast

On May 9th, 2014, the Fox Valley SHRM chapter will be hosting Leadercast at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. This event will mark the 5th year that the chapter has provided this event to the Fox Valley. For those of you that have not attended an event like Leadercast, this is a live event held in Atlanta, GA and simulcast to host sites around the world. This year the event will have 290 community and business leaders in attendance that will be able to access the knowledge and experience of world-renowned leaders.

This year’s speaker lineup includes:

  •  Andy Stanley, Leadership author and communicator
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel laureate & human rights activist live from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Journalist and best-selling author of The Tipping Point and Outliers
  • Randall Wallace, Screenwriter, director, producer & songwriter (Braveheart, Secretariat)
  • Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP
  • Laura Schroff, Former ad sale executive and best-selling author of An Invisible Thread
  • Dr. Henry Cloud, Clinical psychologist and leadership consultant
  • Simon Sinek, Best-selling author of Start with Why and leadership expert
  • Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States (2001-2009) via exclusive video interview

This year’s theme—Beyond You—challenges leaders to focus outward rather than inward. Leadercast exists to positively change the way the world thinks about leadership. While this is not only a great event to offer our current FVSHRM members, it also is a great way to find potential members for our chapter.

Read here for more information on this great event.

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