HR Business Connect – MMSHRM Spring Conference 2014

I’d like to think that Leonardo da Vinci appreciated a good conference. He offered some great advice about gaining perspective on our work when he said, “Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.”

We’ve all felt that “lack of harmony and proportion” in our work. It’s that point when we’re simply too close to what we are doing to see how our work fits into the bigger picture. And that’s pretty much where we came up with the theme for our Spring Conference this year.

If you don’t know about the Metro Milwaukee SHRM Spring Conference, you should! It’s Southeastern Wisconsin’s biggest one-day gathering of HR professionals, offering as many as seven hours of general and strategic credit to attendees. We expect more than 200 to join us along with more than a dozen vendors and a great speaker line-up that includes a leadership program aimed at HR professionals. Those who saw him at the WISHRM Conference last year can see him again! Those who didn’t, should! And he’ll even be doing a bonus session for us, talking about his work as a Chief Diversity Officer.

All of our speakers have been asked to make that important link between HR and corporate strategy – to “connect” HR and the business. But connecting at Spring Conference is also about renewing old relationships and forging new ones. It’s about finding the answers to your questions – from our speakers and from your peers.

You can see the entire program at And if you’re a vendor looking to connect your business with HR professionals, there are sponsorship opportunities too and all of them come with a tabletop display!

It’s a busy time for Metro Milwaukee SHRM and our city – from our “One Day” effort, to Spring Conference, to the WISHRM Legislative Conference, to the SHRM Regional Student Conference, to Brewers, Bucks, and Golf Outings. We’ve got something for everyone and we invite you to participate.

Not from the Milwaukee area? Ask about any member rates that may be extended to members of other SHRM chapters in our State.

Blog post submitted by Scottie Girouard, PHR – President Metro Milwaukee SHRM

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