The Future of HR: What’s Next for the Profession?

Local Wisconsin Chapters invite representatives from National SHRM to speak at April Chapter Meetings on the Future of HR.

For most organizations today, the business focus has shifted from short-term survival to long-term sustainability as the U.S. and global economy continue to recover slowly from the 2008-2009 recession.  Achieving sustainability will be a true test of HR leadership in the uncertain economy ahead.   In this presentation, you will explore four major challenges HR professionals are facing today and a two-part strategy for turning the challenges into opportunities for your organization.  In addition, you will look at a case study of Deloitte LLP, where the strategies have brought impressive bottom-line results, as well as employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

Register now at a local SHRM Chapter near you:

April 17 – Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM – Pamela Green Presenting

April 23 – Fox Valley Area SHRM – 7:30am – Nancy Conway, SPHR

April 23 – Fond du Lac Area SHRM – 11:30am- Nancy Conway, SPHR

April 24 – Oshkosh Area SHRM – 7:30am- Nancy Conway, SPHR

April 24 – Lakeshore Area SHRM– 11:00am -Nancy Conway, SPHR


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