Plan Strategically with your Local Technical College District

At times, it seems we can operate in a vacuum.  During the month of February 2013, the Sheboygan Area SHRM chapter reached out to our local Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) district college – in our case, Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) – in order to work on Workforce Readiness initiatives.  It was a truly synergistic interaction as LTC was in the midst of their strategic planning process and our local chapter was working on renewed Workforce Readiness activity.  The WTCS mission is to address the workforce readiness needs of Wisconsin from both an employer’s and an employee’s perspective.  This is a perfect handshake with SHRM Workforce Readiness.

Coming out of this meeting, both participants walked away with direction.  For Sheboygan Area SHRM, we have exciting ideas for job shadowing programs, interaction with LTC on their new program creation process, and an open invitation to join various advisory committees at the college.  For LTC, the chance to hear directly from HR professionals in their district was critical.  From our meeting, a new program in Industrial Engineering Support was conceptualized and is now being acted upon.  This is an exciting development in our district and the direct involvement of Sheboygan Area SHRM is a wonderful development. 

Try this in conjunction with your local Wisconsin Technical College System district.  As HR Professionals, we can address the skills gap issue with direct involvement!

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