Oshkosh Area SHRM Has Great Start to 2013

Oshkosh Area SHRM has gotten off to a great start for 2013.  A new board was elected, and they could not be more excited to serve the Oshkosh Area SHRM members.  The board now consists of the following leaders:

  • President:  Tony Renning
  • President-Elect :  Corrie Hearn
  • Past President:  Melanie Bruins
  • Membership Director:  Jessica Buss
  • Secretary:  Katelyn Spanbauer
  • Communications Director:  Amber Baugnet
  • Treasurer:  Erin Sanders
  • Programming Director:  Kelly Dakins
  • Workforce Readiness Director:  Katie Pouba
  • Legislative Director:  Chad Wade
  • College Relations Director:  Katie Sweeney

In January, Oshkosh Area SHRM featured VP of Business Innovation, Steve Tyink, who spoke on customer perceptions and how they are created.  In February, Monica Erdman, an investigator with the Civil Rights Bureau of the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division, spoke about the WI Fair Employment Act and the WI Equal Rights Division.  Both events were very well attended. 

Oshkosh Area SHRM has many more events planned, including a collaboration meeting with UW Oshkosh SHRM in April.  To learn more about our events, visit: oshkoshshrm.org.

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