Professional Chapter Sponsors New Student Chapter

The Jefferson County Human Resource Management Association (JCHRMA) is honored to sponsor the student SHRM chapter for the Waukesha Country Technical College (WCTC).

The WCTC student SHRM chapter became an initiative in the 2011-2012 academic year when the technical college established “Human Resource Professional” as an associate’s degree program.  Mike Previte, Instructor and Lead of HR Professional Program, was given the charge of establishing the program.  One academic year later, the HR Professional Program has 225 students and the program is one of the top 5 fastest growing programs at WCTC!

Through the efforts of WCTC’s first student leader, Elizabeth Zakany, now an HR professional in Oconomowoc, the young group established awareness of SHRM on the WCTC campus.  The student group worked with JCHRMA’s former President, Jennifer Jirsa, to recruit national SHRM members.  Through a grant to the WCTC Foundation, the JCHRMA chapter helped the student group by funding student SHRM memberships.  As a result, the student group met the criteria of 8 national SHRM members and became certified as an official SHRM Student Chapter!

The WCTC Student SHRM Chapter currently has 5 officers and is in the process of scheduling an installation ceremony after the school’s spring break.  The student chapter will be creating venues, such as social media, to connect with HR majors who want to become student members!

 The Jefferson County Human Resource Management Association is pleased to support the start up efforts of the Waukesha County Technical College’s student SHRM Chapter. 

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