Check out #SHRMChat tonight

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Central is #SHRMChat on Twitter. Designed for SHRM Chapter and State Council volunteer leaders, it is an opportunity to get together for an hour and discuss issues that might be useful in improving what goes on with our chapters.

With the recent publication of the Social Media Starter Toolkit on the Volunteer Leader Resource Center, tonight’s topic will focus on the impact of its release and how chapters can better utilize this new tool. According to Joan Ginsberg, additional questions will focus on, but are not limited to:

“1. Twitter is the first specific platform mentioned in the Kit. But SHRM chatters agreed several months ago that Twitter is a hard platform for a beginner to understand and use. Should SHRM consider re-ordering the discussion of platforms to reflect this?

2. LinkedIn is still being developed, but most chapters agreed previously that is was the one social media application that the members were embracing in large numbers. What advice would you offer Curtis about LinkedIn as he develops this portion of the kit? Open or closed group? Company pages?

3. Facebook comes up last, but is likely the app that most members across the country feel comfortable with. How should the Kit address the whole personal/professional divide that may keep Facebook off their members radar. What other tips could you give? Do you have a page with a Timeline? How is that working for you?

4. Blogging isn’t mentioned at all, yet many of the chatters are chapter bloggers as well as personal. Should there be a section devoted to blogging?”

In addition, Curtis Midkiff, Director of Social Engagement at SHRM, will be on hand to share his insight.

I hope you all check out this Twitter chat tonight at 7 p.m. by following the hashtag #SHRMChat

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