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Blackhawk Human Resource Association will host their annual seminar on Wednesday, April 25 at the Pontiac Convention Center in Janesville. The theme for this year’s seminar is “Smart HR: We’ve Got an App For That!”

Sessions for the seminar include:

• “Rattle the Core”, Bruce Roselle, PHD, Founder and principal of Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc.

It often takes a whack on the head for us to recognize the need for change. The growth that occurs as a consequence of dramatic circumstances is usually visible and long-lasting. This lively and provocative session helps participants look at what it means to get rattled, how their core personality, abilities, spirit, and thinking generate their typical behaviors, and how they can create a more empowered, fearless game plan in and out of the office.

• “10 Biggest Communications Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”, David Levin, Author of Don’t Just Talk, Be Heard! and co-author of the best-selling, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

Every organization knows how difficult communication can be. Individuals, teams, and leaders continually struggle to connect with each other—and with customers. Learn practical concepts and skills for being truly heard, and discover the two mistakes people make more than any other. (Yes, that includes you!)

• “Building Pipeline Capacity”, David Georgenson, Director, Organization Development at MRA

An important dimension of organizational success is having the right person with the right skills and motivation in critical positions. Success is also a function of how quickly openings in mission critical positions can be filled and how quickly the new person can be fully productive.

This session will outline the best practices and critical steps for building a dynamic pipeline of needed talent to meet the business plan needs. Participants will learn how to determine the readiness of their organization to implement a robust succession management program. Guidelines and tools will be provided to determine a beginning strategy for implementing a succession program. Participants will learn how to adapt the content to the various stages of program implementation—rather introducing a new program or revising an existing program.

• “The Toxic Workplace”, Jim Jelinske, Owner, Creative Education Services

Power Struggles, Grudges, Negativity, Cliques, Back Stabbing, Rumor Spreading
Some organizations are poisonous, and they can infect everyone who works there. But if you have been in a toxic situation too long, you may have come to accept sick behavior as normal. And you may even start to think that there’s something wrong with you.

In this presentation, we will learn about the definitions and motivations causing difficult behavior, profile various types of difficult people and teach strategies on how to manage other people’s anger. We will explore situations that can apply to your interactions with the general public, your customers, your co-workers and your managers and learn about specific approaches to conflict resolution.

Cost for the daylong seminar is $80.00. Sponsorships are also available for $500. For more details and to register visit the BHRA website HRCI credit has been applied for.

UPDATE: This program has been approved for 6.0 (Specified -Business Management and Strategy ) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

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