The View From….Madison

Each year the Greater Madison Area SHRM chapter meets twice a year to strategize on initiatives we’d like to accomplish. An operational plan is developed from these sessions which consist of one – three year goals. We thought it would be helpful to share some of the results in hopes of giving other chapters future ideas. A handful of our 2011 initiatives are highlighted below.

Social Media Initiative
GMA SHRM has made a large effort to utilize social media to communicate and engage our members. Our Linked In group was created in April 2009 and is currently up to 383 members. In March 2011, GMA SHRM launched our Facebook and Twitter pages to our membership and we currently have 136 “likes” on our Facebook page and 90 followers on Twitter. GMA SHRM posts all upcoming events and other member information with a goal to post at least one item each week.

In the fall of 2011, GMA SHRM wanted to promote our social media presence and also connect more frequently to our members so we held a social media contest. All members that either “liked” our Facebook page or followed us on Twitter were entered into a drawing for two gas cards. We had a great response from our membership and increased our fans on Facebook and followers of Twitter by over 40.

On-Boarding Binders Initiative
Beginning in April 2011, Greater Madison Area SHRM began using On-Boarding Binders at our New Member Orientations. These binders were created as one membership initiative to engage our members by educating them about SHRM and volunteer opportunities. The binders provide information about our chapter and both state and national SHRM. A separate binder was created for each of our GMA SHRM committees and the Board of Directors.

Our On-Boarding Guides are used at orientation so new members can look through them to get information about what it’s like to be on each committee and also what it is to be a board member. The binders include estimated time commitment, projects/events, history and goals of each GMA SHRM area of focus. They also provide details about the benefits of being a local, state and national SHRM member. Our goal in creating these guides was to provide expectations of volunteers and allow them to see what types of things each committee is responsible for. We feel this additional resource has been successful in assisting our members with finding volunteer opportunities in their area of interest and becoming informed about all the benefits of being a SHRM member.

HR Executives Engagement Initiative – Jac Fitz-enz
In an effort to reengage senior HR executives in Chapter activities, the GMA SHRM Chapter partnered with a local senior HR executives group (which meets regularly outside of GMA SHRM’s structure) to bring Jac Fitz-enz (an international leader in HR analytics) to Madison for a day-long Strategic Summit on HR Analytics. Ten companies represented by these senior HR executives provided financial underwriting for the Summit, making this event affordable for our membership. The morning session was open to all of our members while the afternoon session was set aside for the underwriters.

As a result of this initiative, the morning Fitz-enz Strategic Summit experienced a record attendance for our Chapter and we saw a significantly greater number of senior HR executives attending the session than the Chapter typically sees at its regular monthly programming events.

The success of this event has led to an ongoing partnership with the senior HR executives group such that they will be underwriting another event for the chapter in 2012 and will be sharing their expertise as panel members at future GMA SHRM Chapter programming events.

Solo HR Practitioner Group Initiative
The Solo HR Practitioner Group was created in November, 2010 and has grown to 30 Greater Madison Area SHRM members. The goal of the group is to build a network of colleagues from a variety of organizations and industries to share knowledge, seek advice, and to provide support and tangible resources for one another. At times it may not be the most time-efficient for a solo HR practitioner to re-invent the wheel when working on projects/strategies. This is where members can glean from their peers on best practices that work for their companies.

The group meets the last Wednesday of every month. Each month a topic is picked to discuss and bring ideas to share; on occasion outside speakers/experts are brought in depending on the topic. This group is for anyone that administers the HR functions in a small to medium sized organization either as a sole practitioner or someone who is leading a small team. This is a great resource to offer our members and it is continually growing.

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