Volunteers/Sponsors Needed for WI SHRM Student Conference

Calling all volunteers!!! The HR Games/Student Conference is quickly approaching and we are looking for professional volunteers to help make the event a complete success. The conference is at UW-Platteville on March 2nd through March 3rd. We have great speakers lined up and a number of student teams ready to compete in the games. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the registration link at www.regonline.com/wistudents2012 and register as a Conference Volunteer. The registration deadline is February 22 so DO NOT WAIT!!!

We are also looking for anyone whose company may want to be represented at the conference. We would like to invite those companies to consider a sponsorship of any part of the event (meal, competition room, etc.). With a sponsorship, the company’s name and logo will be visible either during the meal or at the entrance to the room. It is a great way to make your company visible to upcoming graduates. If you’d like to give in another way (ex. donations), we are open to that as well.

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring/donating to the event, please contact Callie Zipple, WISHRM 2012 College Relations Director, at callie.zipple@ki.com.

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