2011 WI SHRM Enterprising Leadership Award Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce that this year, the Enterprising Leadership Grant is being awarded to two WI SHRM Chapters: SHRM Fox Valley Chapter and the Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM. The $4,000 grant will be divided between the two chapters, each receiving $2,000 to fund their worthy endeavors. The award was presented to each chapter at the December State Council Meeting.

SHRM Fox Valley Chapter

The SHRM Fox Valley Chapter will focus on expanding a partnership with the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board and the Career Changers Network (CNN) in 2012. This focus will be on offering the Chick-fil-A Leadercast to spread awareness throughout the community by including community leaders, SHRM and CNN members. These job seekers from the CNN will benefit from a great opportunity for professional development at a time when they may not have discretionary finances to cover this. Funds will also cover marketing of this event which will help demonstrate a positive impression of FVSHRM within the greater business community.

Green Bay Area SHRM Chapter

The Green Bay Area SHRM Chapter is partnering with NWTC career services and a student group (ACES) Adults on Course for Excellence and Success. A Career Expo promoted to the students at NWTC, the ACES group and the general public hosted a speaker and other employment related presentations. Mock Interview and resume/cover letter critiques helped participants with their job search. This will strengthen the connection with the community for the Chapter as they work to educate job seekers and share their knowledge.

Each of these Chapters demonstrates the council’s objective of advancing the impact of HR across the WI business community and serving WI HR professionals. Please join us in congratulating these two chapters.

The WI SHRM Enterprising Leadership Grant was established in 2008. It awards a chapter or chapters a grant to support a “partnership” with another WI-based organization that promotes communication and collaboration between HR and other business professionals/organizations across the state. It funds initiatives that are innovative and strive to bring business professionals together toward a common cause, led by the HR community.

Up to $4,000 is available for Wisconsin SHRM Chapter(s) to implement an activity or initiative in the area of Enterprising HR Leadership. Criteria include having 1) a partnership with an organization outside the SHRM that has goals/objectives that help advance the HR profession, and 2) a joint planned activity or initiative with that organization that demonstrates Enterprising HR Leadership (Communication, Collaboration and/or Education of/between business professionals).

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