Happy Holidays from #WISHRM

2011 has been an excellent first year for the Forward HR Blog. Introduced by the Wisconsin SHRM State Council in mid-January 2011, the blog has achieved:
*72 posts (now 73)
*Nearly 4,300 views
*100+ subscribers

We look forward (no pun intended) to the continued success of the blog in 2012. With that in mind, what do you want to see next year? What topics do you want covered? What voices do you want to hear? Feel free to leave us a not.

And, with that, we bring 2011 to a close. Happy holidays from the Wisconsin SHRM State Council.

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One Response to Happy Holidays from #WISHRM

  1. Dave Furlan says:

    Congrats on launching your blog this year!

    The best conversations at Leadership Conferences are often about the cool things chapters are doing across the state and country (sometimes I think we all deserve a Pinnacle Award). More blogs along those lines would be interesting to read and to share comments, questions, and observations.

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