Talent Scorecard

This guest post is by Scott Patchin, President, the trU Group. He will be speaking at the 2011 WI SHRM State Conference on Thursday, October 13 at 10:45 a.m.

I created a Talent Scorecard to help leaders think through what they have been doing around connecting with their people to make sure they are focused, understanding their challenges, getting their needs met, and receiving feedback on their progress. In the human resources world we call this talent management. To most of the rest of the world this is called leadership, management, or friendship.

Recently 30 HR leaders took the survey and the first set of numbers shocked me. Here they are, and remember that I asked HR leaders to fill these out as if their CEO was doing this survey. The only two measures are 100% and <100%, because those are they only two measures that matter. 100% means you are doing the right things. <100% means that there is a person out there with a name, friends, bills to pay, skills/talents, and goals . . . that is not getting their needs met. These are basic needs.

Key Habits for Managing Talent

100% <100%
I delivered all of the evaluations on time. 36.7 % 63.3 %
I have one-on-one discussions with each member of my staff at least once a month. 63.3 % 36.7%
I have reviewed all the evaluations of my team’s staff. 51.7 % 48.3 %
Each person on my team has a development plan. 27.6 % 72.4 %

Too many people are getting late evaluations and do not have any sort of development plans.

Remember the Gallup Q12? The first two questions are: I know what is expected of me at work and I have the tools I need to do my job. On-time performance conversations and frequent one on ones to hear progress, identify needs, and solve problems make these questions a reality. The development plan is critical in getting people thinking about the future and helping them grow.
Based on these numbers, it is not happening enough.

When I come to Wisconsin SHRM 2011 next week I would like to incorporate YOUR numbers into our conversation. Here is a link to a survey to help me collect data. I have also put out a video to introduce myself and give you a glimpse into what you can expect when you enter the room for our conversation on the talent scorecard. Take a look.

For more posts around this topic and my topic of Resilience take a look at my blog posts or website – http://www.thetrugroup.com.

Our conversation has officially begun.

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