Meet the 2011 WI SHRM Conference Committee – Registration/Volunteers

Connie Bitter

Matt Nechodom

Joanne Jackson

The 2011 WI SHRM State Conference will take place October 12-14 at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI. State Conferences do not happen in a vaccum. They require a lot of commitment and hard work to put on the “big show.” This is one of an ongoing series highlighting the people behind the scenes as well as the positions they hold.

In a matter of a few days, hundreds of HR professionals will descend upon the Monona Terrace for the 2011 WI SHRM State Conference. Handling registration to ensure each person gets the appropriate materials, as well as finding the people behind the scenes to introduce speakers, pass out materials, etc., are the registration/volunteers co-chairs.

1. Who are you?

Connie J. Bitter, PHR, Corporate Payroll/Benefits Manager at Bemis Manufacturing Company
Matt Nechodom, PHR, Recruitment Manager, Parts Now!
Joanne Jackson, BS, MA, SPHR, Administration of HR – QI, Amery Regional Medical Center

2. Why did you become involved with the conference?

Connie – I would like to Co-Chair a state conference with Debbie Fedel for Sheboygan Area-SHRM and needed conference experience to be considered.

Matt – It was a great opportunity to network and give back to the HR profession. At all previous conferences I’ve attended, I was impressed with the outcome and the members of the planning committee always seems to really enjoy themselves. I wanted to be a part of that.

Joanne – I’m considering volunteering at the State level and thought the Conference Committee gave a synopsis of responsibilities

3. What is your committee doing to make the 2011 WI SHRM State Conference special?

Connie – Gathering awesome volunteers and making registration fast and easy for the attendees

Matt – We’ve expanded the team to 4 people to try to provide quicker responses to our audience regarding questions/comments/concerns about the conference. The team is very committed to making the registration process as straightforward as possible for the convenience of the participants.

Joanne – As the registration committee, we are committed to helping our Wisconsin members have an easy and comfortable experience with the on line registration. This includes prompt and accurate answers to questions.

4. What has been the biggest challenge(s) in your role?

Connie – Last minute things…I’m a total planner, so waiting on others and not being organized drives me nuts! But we have a great team and it’s all good.

Matt – I would say learning everything that goes into running a conference. There is a lot to learn and I really took for granted the amount of time it takes to plan something this size.

Joanne – Distance from majority of members…but we have found ways to telecommunicate when possible to get the job done.

5. What are you most excited about for the conference?

Connie – Dueling Pianos, by far! They are SuperFantastic!

Joanne – As a first year committee member I am anxious to see how the actual conference is facilitated from behind the ‘curtain – where the wizards work.’

6. Any final thoughts?

Connie – The 2011 WI SHRM State Conference will be exciting, educational, fun, and full of 25 years of history. See you in October!

Matt – To this point, it’s been a great opportunity…both challenging and rewarding. I’m looking forward to the conference and the additional opportunities it will provide.

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One Response to Meet the 2011 WI SHRM Conference Committee – Registration/Volunteers

  1. Dave Furlan says:

    You guys did a great job! The conference was very well done.

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