The View From….Fond du Lac (Fall 2011 Edition)

Volunteers play a critical in our Chapter and are vital to our success. The Board has been discussing succession planning for the 2012 year so I thought it appropriate to talk about volunteer opportunities available to our members.

High performing chapters are typically led by volunteers who possess a variety of leadership skills, competencies and have passion to advance the HR profession. A true volunteer gives freely of time, energy and talent to the cause the volunteer feels is worthy. Those who have volunteered outside or within our Chapter know how rewarding it is. In order for our Chapter to continue as a high performing Chapter, we need those passionate individuals who are willing to step forward and become actively involved.

How can you be more involved? For one, you might consider volunteering for a Board position. There are four Board positions open for the 2012 year. Volunteering for a Board position provides the opportunity to gain new leadership skills, make contacts, network, and set direction for our Chapter. Developing leadership skills make a difference, not only in our Chapter, but in every organization in which you work.

If you are not interested in a Board role, you can volunteer for committees within our Chapter. The committees include: Workforce Readiness, Inclusion/Diversity, SHRM Foundation, Government Affairs, Programming, Membership, HR Certification, and College Relations.

I recently read an article which outlined the top four volunteer activities in which individuals choose to invest their time and energies. They were:
1. Fundraising;
2. Collect/distributing food;
3. General labor and;
4. Professional/management opportunities.

Our Chapter volunteer opportunities are equivalent to the top four.
1. If you have a passion for fundraising, there is a Core Leadership Area for the SHRM Foundation.
2. Community Service (collect/distributing food) activities include the Workforce Readiness Committee, inclusion/diversity initiatives, and college relations.
3. General labor includes volunteer activities in the community like the Day of Caring where our Chapter devoted time to an organization at Walleye Weekend.
4. Professional/Management opportunities like tutoring for resume reviews, mentoring others in HR issues, leading a HR Certification study group.

If you are wondering what is involved as a Chapter volunteer or are wondering what the committees do, we have planned an event for you to learn more. On October 18th, we are hosting a social event where leaders of the committees will be available to answer questions, explain time commitments, etc. Plan to attend the event to learn more about volunteering.

-FDLAHRA President, Joy Mueller

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2 Responses to The View From….Fond du Lac (Fall 2011 Edition)

  1. Great post, Joy! Volunteering for my local SHRM chapter (GMA SHRM) has enhanced my chapter membership and enriched the friendships I’ve made along the way. Being a SHRM volunteer has provided opportunities to do community service through the Day to Make a Difference project for a community garden, food collection for our local food bank, and collecting clothing and other donations for the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services organization. Volunteering has helped me get to know my fellow chapter members on a deeper level than just meeting each other at chapter programs. As a result of this, we support each other by sharing experiences, knowledge, resources, and friendships. It’s been a rewarding experience and so much fun! I highly recommend getting involved on some level with your local chapter as a volunteer!

  2. Dave Furlan says:

    Great comments about high performing chapters and volunteers!

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