HR Bloggers needed

Have a perspective on human resources and looking for an outlet to share your ideas?

In Business Wisconsin is looking for anyone interested in blogging on human resources and/or employment law issues for their forthcoming website.

It will be modeled after their Madison product, and include weekly business features and blogs and other departments. The blog would be from 500 to 750 or 1,000 words, along with a color photo of the author, and it could be every other week.

If interested, please contact Cassy Van Dyke at

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6 Responses to HR Bloggers needed

  1. I am interested. We see the impact of good and bad HR policies and have four potential contributors on staff.

  2. I would be interested in sharing a point of view. I am on the other side of the resume as a Career Coach. I can be found at

  3. Stephanie A. Haugam says:

    I am very much interested in this project. My current interests are employee engagement, building a corporate culture, ethics, performance management and polices and procedures. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you.

  4. HRONFIRE says:

    I am interested. Been in both private and public sector HR. I too have seen the impact of good and bad HR practices.

  5. Melissa J. McDermott says:

    I’m always looking to share my ideas. Often times too passionately. I worked my way up the ladder in an organization from waitress to HR Director so I always tried to balance the ethics by remembering, “The best HR leaders protect their organization by protecting its most valuable asset, the staff.”

  6. I would be interested in contributing. Please feel free to contact me at


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