WI SHRM At 2011 SHRM Annual Conference

We’re back from the 2011 SHRM Annual Conference and WI SHRM had a large presence in Las Vegas.

WI SHRM Featured in the SHRM Conference Daily

The Wisconsin SHRM State Council’s Pinnacle Award for “One Day to Make A Difference” was featured in the SHRM Conference Daily on Monday, June 27. If you turn to p. 32, you can read the article featuring WI SHRM as well as other Pinnacle Award winners.

In the same issue, WI SHRM Social Media Director Matt Stollak was featured on p. 10 on SHRM’s efforts to improve social media at the conference.

Matt Stollak’s Conference Blog

Similarly, Stollak posted a number of times on his impressions of the conference as well as a few sessions. These include:
Aaron Kesher – Generations at Work
SHRM 11 Day 1 Impressions
SHRM 11 Day 2 Impressions
SHRM 11 – The One Thing You Must Do – Visit the SHRM Foundation
Shane Yount – Leadership GPS
SHRM 11 – Day 3 Impressions
SHRM 11 – Day 4 Impressions
Melinda Riechert – Social Networking in the Workplace

Badger Bash

The 2011 Badger Bash took place Monday, June 27 from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Blondies Sports Bar and Grill with some 60 Wisconsin attendees from around the state present. Look for pictures from the event on the WI SHRM Facebook page by the end of the week.

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