2011 WI SHRM Legislative Conference in Oshkosh

In the past 4 weeks, the WI SHRM State Council has put on 3 Legislative Conferences around the state (Madison, Oshkosh, and La Crosse).  This post focuses specifically on the event in Oshkosh.

Kathleen Coulombe addresses the WI SHRM Leg. Conference Attendees

The Conference began with SHRM Government Relations Advisor Kathleen Coulombe providing an up date on the “HR Public Policy Outlook for the 112th Congress and the Obama Administration.  She provided background on 5 major issues on the Congressional agenda: 1) health care, 2) tax and benefits, 3) labor and employment, 4) immigration reform, and 5) workforce flexibility.

James Buchen, VP of Wisconsin Manufacturers Commerce and Daniel LaRocque, Director of Legal Affairs at the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, provided a good perspective on state legislation, with particular interest paid to unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.

Deb Krukowski highlights wage and hour issuesThe morning session closed with Deborah Krukowski and Keith Kopplin of Krukowski & Costello examining the “Current Trends, Hot Topics, & Legislation Affect Your Employers.”  Esq. Kopplin provided an in-depth examination of the use of social media by employees when off-duty, while Esq. Krukowski provided a look at some of the issues surround wage and hour review. 

During the lunch hour, WI SHRM State Director Kellie Dunn-Poggemann gave an update on some of the initiatives being undertaken by the State Council.

Sec. Perez gives us the latest in Wisconsin job creation

We were honored to have Secretary Manny Perez from the WI Department of Workforce Development in to highlight what initiatives are being taken at the state level to spur job creation in Wisconsin.  A copy of his presentation can be found here.

The afternoon ended with Abigail Nadler, Health Promotion Advisor with M3 Insurance Solutions, demystifying issues involved with health care reform and workplace wellness.

All in all, it was an information-packed day with plenty of takeaways for those individuals fortunate enough to attend.

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