The View From…..Fond du Lac

The year is well underway and I believe 2011 will present many challenges to HR professionals.  On the legislative front, there is talk of changing the Health Care Reform Act and Wisconsin is considering expansion of the FMLA law to more closely match that of the Federal FMLA.  With all these opportunities already on the table, this year I would like to encourage our membership to become more proactive in communications with legislators.  Those who are National SHRM members can access a link called HR Voice which helps you structure letters to your representatives.  National SHRM does lobby at the federal level; however, all of us can get involved by directly letting our legislators hear from us.  You don’t have to be a National member to get involved; you just need to take the time to write.

On the local level, our chapter has been setting goals for 2011.  Just as when you set your personal goals, we have chosen many more goals than we will have time to complete.  I have outlined some of our initiatives:

  • We are dedicating time and resources to the HR Games/Student Conference at Marian University.  The event is a showcase of our profession and I hope there are many members who volunteer to help.
  • We will actively continue with Workforce Readiness involvement.  Volunteers from the board and membership meet with educators to work toward a goal of graduates who will have the appropriate skill sets for employers to hire.
  • We are also reviewing the Social Media area.  We plan for updates to the website which could be then become a useful resource for our members.
  • Another significant challenge to the Board and to us as employers is the idea of inclusion.  Member volunteers are working with the initiative on the local level to create more awareness and understanding of what inclusion means and why it is so important to employers to actively get involved for recruitment and retention purposes.
  • We are also taking steps to proactively increase awareness of advocacy in the State of WI.

An organization like ours can only be as successful as its members can make it.  I welcome anyone who has a passion for one or more of these initiatives to volunteer to participate on a committee.  There is a significant amount of work to be done and a great self-satisfaction reward to be gained.

I look forward to serving as your President in 2011.


Joy L. Mueller, SPHR
Compensation & Benefits Manager, Mercury Marine
2011 FDLA HRA President

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