The View From Milwaukee: Paying It Forward

Many of us had to manage some type of transition in 2010. These transitions have caused many to manage change and either stay the course or begin a new path. Of course, the more difficult the change the more difficult this process can be.

As we have managed these transitions, many others have helped us along the way. One of the amazing things that occurred in 2010 was the ability for people to be generous with their time, talents, and resources and “Pay it Forward” even while navigating these personal and professional transitions.

This generosity happens frequently with members of Metro Milwaukee SHRM. Examples of this occurring include board members committing their time to planning for the spring conference, attending a board meeting, and attending a program all in one day; Special Interest Group (SIG) chairs and other members planning a chapter program or a program for the SIG; members donating their time at a “Day to Make a Difference,” for which WISHRM was recognized with SHRM’s Pinnacle Award; and our chapter giving to the SHRM Foundation through silent auctions and personal donations.

Many MM SHRM members give back to their communities as well. We donate our time and resources to schools, churches, youth groups, boards of other non-profit organizations, and many other groups who need our assistance. We do this because we are fortunate and because many people have helped us along our personal and professional journeys.

Thank you for all you do for Metro Milwaukee SHRM and the communities you serve. The professional and personal ways in which members “Pay it Forward” is what makes me so engaged in being a member and President.

If you are not a member or know someone that could benefit from being a member, please visit our website We are already two months into 2011 and the excitement is building for a great rest of the year. I hope that you join us!

Tom Ter Horst

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One Response to The View From Milwaukee: Paying It Forward

  1. Kellie Dunn says:

    Sounds like great things are happening there! – thanks to those who are making a difference

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