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As the post by Kellie Dunn-Poggemann indicates, WI SHRM is taking a much more proactive role with regard to new media tools.  However, as a chapter leader in Wisconsin (as well as outside our fine state’s borders), you may find yourself challenged in jumping in.  Here are a few resources to get you going.

Getting Started

Long-time blogger and HR consultant, Michael VanDervort, has put together what he calls a “Social Media Primer for SHRM Chapter Leaders.” This excellent tool provides some good examples to consider when getting involved with social media.

Similarly, getting involved with Twitter is also challenging.  That is why Mark Stelzner has put together and informative way to get started with this new media tool in his post, “Twitter 101 for HR Professionals.”  You can check it out here.

Improving the Chapter

Ben Eubanks (member of, and blogger for, North Alabama SHRM in Huntsville has continued to be a driving force in helping to improve SHRM chapters.  He has utilized new media tools in a couple of ways:

1.  He  has put together an excellent eBook called, “Rock Your Chapter.”  While not specifically focused on social media, it provides a number of ideas to make your SHRM chapter better.

2.  He has created a LinkedIn group called “SHRM Chapter and State Council Leadership Group,” where SHRM leaders from around the country are chiming in with questions and ideas about running a SHRM chapter.

Meeting the Social Media Challenge

Please know that you are not alone in carrying the torch of being a social media advocate.  Jeff Williams, at HDLeader, highlights the obstacles he faces in getting his chapter involved with social media.

Are there other resources you feel might be valuable in getting your chapter started with new media tools?


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One Response to Some Resources

  1. Dave Ryan says:

    Good information on all fronts. This continues to be a bottom up effort!

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