Wisconsin SHRM – December Programming

December is a great month for Wisconsin SHRM.  Local Chapters have great learning opportunities and for many it is time for a Holiday Social.  Check out the calendar listing below and plan to attend a WISHRM event in your neck of the woods!  Click on the program titles for more details!

December 2 – HUMOR IN THE WORKPLACE – Lakeshore Area Human Resources Association – Manitowoc

December 3 – NO THANKS…I TOOK ANOTHER OFFER! –  Chippewa Valley SHRM – Eau Claire

December 8 – MAKING STRATEGY ACTIONABLE – Blackhawk Human Resources Association – Janesville

December 8 – GENERATIONS AT WORK –  Fond Du Lac Area Human Resources Association – Fond du Lac


December 9 – “LEGISLATIVE UPDATE” – Oshkosh Area SHRM – Oshkosh

December 9 – OSHA UPDATE “What’s New in the World of OSHA” and what to expect in 2016! Dodge County SHRM – Beaver Dam

December 9 – SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP – Sauk Columbia SHRM

December 9 – HOLIDAY NETWORKING EVENT -Metro Milwaukee SHRM – Milwaukee Public Museum

December 9 – HOLIDAY SOCIAL –  Stevens Point Area Human Resources Association – Plover

December 10 – MEMBERSHIP MEETING – Central Wisconsin SHRM

December 11 – MONTHLY MEETING – West Central Wisconsin SHRM – Tomah


December 16 – DEVELOPING YOUR MANAGEMENT GROUP – Green Bay Chapter SHRM – Green Bay

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Margaret Morford Presenting at Green Bay Chapter SHRM November 18th!

November 18th Green Bay Chapter SHRM Meeting – Strategic HR: The Normal Play Book Won’t Get You There

The Green Bay Chapter SHRM programming committee is excited to announce we’ve invited back Margaret Morford!

Margaret is CEO for The HR Edge, Inc., an international management consulting and training company. She has client across the nation. Previous to owning her own company, Margaret was Sr. Vice President, Human Resources Consulting for a national consulting firm out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has a BS degree from the University of Alabama and a JD degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Law. She has worked as an attorney, specializing in employment law as well as been Vice President of Human Resources for three large companies and served on the Board of Directors for Aegis Sciences Corporation. She is often quoted as a business expert in newspapers and magazines across the country including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, CBS Money Watch and Entrepreneur and appears regularly on local ABC, CBS and Fox television affiliates. She is the author of the business books, “Management Courage – Having the Heart of a Lion” and “The Hidden Language of Business – Workplace Politics, Power & Influence.”

Margaret will be speaking to the Green Bay Chapter SHRM in November and helping all of us in the HR profession to raise our game! This session will identify the top six mistakes HR professionals make that chip away at their credibility and help you understand how your current behavior may be eroding HR’s effectiveness.

To learn more about Margret, see her website http://thehredge.net/ and to sign up for this event in Green Bay, see their website http://gbshrm.org/

Blog post submitted by Rochelle Blindauer, Director of Communications for Green Bay Chapter SHRM.

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Exempt or Non-Exempt – That Is The Question

So You Thought You Knew How to Classify a Job as Exempt or Non-Exempt?

Proposed changes to the FLSA’s Executive, Administrative, and Professional (EAP) exemptions may turn your jobs’ FLSA classifications on their respective heads!

Historically, the duties test has been the ‘king of the hill’ in employers’ determination of whether a particular job was exempt or non-exempt. Each job was carefully analyzed to determine whether the tasks and responsibilities of the job rose to the level required by the duties test of the FLSA, thus allowing it to be classified as exempt. The accompanying salary level test (at its current $23,660) was, in most cases, largely a “check-box” function. If the job met the duties test and the salary level test, all employees in that job classification were classified as exempt. It was the job itself that carried the exempt classification, not individual employees within a job.

The FLSA changes coming at us like a freight train have the potential to fundamentally change how employers determine exempt status. The salary level has more than doubled, to a proposed amount of $50,440 for 2016. Annual increases to the salary level will be tied to either 40% of the salaries of the remaining exempt labor pool nationwide or to the Consumer Price Index. (The former will cause the salary level to rise like a rocket in subsequent years.) Employers are likely to find, for jobs currently classified as exempt, that they have employees both above and below the $50,440 in the same job.

An initial reaction assumes that employers have two options: raise all those salaries that are below $50,440 in order to maintain the exempt status for all employees in a specific job, or reclassify the job (and all the employees in that job) to non-exempt. Both options have potentially significant negative impact. There is an obvious budgetary impact to the first option, and administrative and employee relations issues with the second option, with non-exempt employees required to log all work time in order for the employer to be able to pay overtime for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

But have you considered a third option? Because the DOL has been quite clear “that the salary level is the ‘best single test’ of exempt status,” it is entirely likely that employers may end up assigning different FLSA statuses to employees in the same job. For example, you may have a job that you are entirely comfortable meets the duties test as currently written (there were no proposed changes to the duties test). The position has historically been classified as exempt and the responsibilities and duties of the position continue to meet the duties test. But incumbent salaries within that job range from $35,000 to $60,000, due to differences in education, experience, skills, years of service, and/or performance. Rather than giving significant increases to the individuals making less than $50,440, you may decide to reclassify those employees as non-exempt and keep the employees earning > $50,440 as exempt. Sounds like an easy fix, right? But this option too is fraught with potential peril.

An administrative nightmare comes immediately to mind. Think about your HRIS system. The exempt status is tied to the position, right? Not the individual. But the employee relations aspect is likely to be your biggest headache. Imagine those employees working together, each performing every aspect of the job, but only some having to log all of their work time, and only some receiving overtime pay for hours worked over 40. Some will continue to enjoy the inherent flexibility of the exempt status, such as running a personal errand during working hours or checking email during off hours, and others will be locked into clocking in and out. You will essentially need to treat them differently while they are performing the same job. This option also shines a bright light on the salary issue, identifying who makes more and who makes less money for the same job. It’s not an easy decision for employers. Set the table for class warfare, or take on eventually unsustainable labor costs….there’s no good answer.

Blog post submitted by Margo Bronk, President-Elect of the Stevens Point Area Human Resources Association (SPAHRA).

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Central Wisconsin SHRM Partners with Local Organizations on Young Entrepreneurs Academy

CWSHRM is partnering with the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce and the D.C. Everest School District on a groundbreaking program called Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA).

The program will take students through the process of starting and running a real business over the course of a full academic year, as well as give students great business training and high level skill training for every career pathway.

The outcomes of the program include offering a 1 credit, full-year class at D.C. Everest Senior High School. The course will be offered as a unique partnership with the local business community. A local investor panel will select one student to compete in an all-expense paid regional competition where the finalist will be selected to compete for scholarship money at an all-expense paid national competition in Washington, D.C.

Both the Wausau Chamber and CWSHRM will both serve as the conduit between the school, the community and businesses. The Wausau Chamber and CWSHRM will recruit local businesses to participate in guest speaking opportunities, to provide field trip opportunities, serve as mentors, secure sponsors to provide funding, and sit on the investor panel.

The District will deliver the curriculum to the students by providing a facility and the instruction for the class. The instructor will receive three, three hour blocks of professional development from Young Entrepreneurs Academy spread throughout the year and participate in a weekly 30 minute conference call with national YEA staff.

Students will participate in a competitive application process to gain a seat in the program. Students accepted into the program will participate in field trips and learn from guest speakers in the fields of marketing, accounting, web design, law, human resources and a variety of other relevant fields. Students will pitch their business plan to an investor panel where they will compete for startup funds to launch their business.

Students were able to apply for consideration by going through the application in late December 2014/January 2015, with the class starting in Fall 2015 and running for the full 2015-2016 academic year. The Regional competition will be in the spring of 2016 and the National competition will be in mid-June 2016.

The offering will get students to make good career decisions and help them understand the connection between succeeding in high school and career success, as well as introducing students to local CWSHRM, Chamber and businesses. The offering will promote job creation, economic development and growth among the students, and will demonstrate CWSHRM’s, the District’s, the Chamber’s and the community’s commitment to youth talent development and entrepreneurship. It is designed to align with CWSHRM Workforce Readiness goals, assist the Chamber in its mission to help local businesses develop and succeed, and District goals of providing opportunities that will result in a highly educated, skilled and motivated workforce for a vibrant, globally competitive economy.

Blog post submitted by Krissy Rodewald, Past-President of CWSHRM.

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2015 WISHRM Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award Winner!

Establishing a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace requires a business to have innovative, creative and agile employees. How does an organization do this? By hiring people from within the community with diverse strengths, view points and ideas! But it doesn’t stop there. The organization must create an inclusive and welcoming environment allowing employees the flexibility to do their work in the most productive and efficient way possible.

We are pleased to announce this year’s 2015 WISHRM Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award recipient is Associated Bank.

Associated Bank began by creating a Diversity and Inclusion Council in 2011. This team was led by the CEO and other senior leadership with a strategy involving visible leadership commitment and metrics to measure and report progress. Actions included establishing Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs); diversity growth goals; internal scorecards for tracking and reporting diversity turnover, hiring and promotions; training and communication plans; outreach strategies; supplier opportunities; and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Associated Bank’s Colleague Resource Groups include:

1. Associated Women’s Network (AWN) focusing on the personal development, professional advancement and well-being of women.

2. The Cultural Awareness Network (CAN) creating awareness of the diverse communities they serve and providing opportunities for colleagues to share cultural experiences.

3. Young Professionals of Associated (YPA) providing future leaders with career development, education and networking opportunities.

4. Associated Veterans Network (AVN) supporting veterans, armed services members and their families.

5. Associated Pride & Equality Exchange (APEX) supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues.

The Colleague Resource Groups are featured on the company intranet site, describing the purpose of each group and promoting upcoming events. Associated Bank also has intranet and external sites devoted specifically to Diversity and Inclusion. In four short years, some of their milestones reached include:

  • Expanded Associated Bank’s Women’s Network with six regional networks
  • Increased CRG members by 53%
  • Exceeded minority hiring goal and increased minority population
  • Establishment of cross-CRG events and a charitable grant program
  • Women in 27% of senior level positions, a best in class for financial institutions

The Outreach Brand Ambassador Program provides colleagues with an opportunity to promote Associated and aid in recruiting a community of qualified and diverse candidates who are actively interested in joining the organization. Events have included:

  • African Heritage and City of Appleton
  • Business Symposium on Hiring Veterans
  • Cream City Foundation
  • Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee
  • Military Career Fair

And many more! Applicants noting Associated Bank’s outreach efforts as the reason for applying has increased each year.

The benefit package further supports their commitment to diversity by including domestic partner coverage for medical, dental and vision insurance. Associated Bank also supports military families by offering the Deployment Trip Program to assist employees while traveling to the site from which an immediate family member will be deployed by helping to defray costs.

There is tremendous opportunity to benefit from a diverse and inclusive culture at Associated Bank. We are excited about their progress and the opportunities ahead for them.

Congratulations to Associated Bank for being selected as the recipient of the 2015 WISHRM Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award!

Blog post submitted by Choua Yang, PHR – WI State Council Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Director

The 2015 WISHRM Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award was presented to Associated Bank at the WI SHRM State Conference on October 16th.

The 2015 WISHRM Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award was presented to Associated Bank at the WI SHRM State Conference on October 16th.

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St. Croix Valley Employers Association Held Annual Labor Law Clinic

Top Secret Labor Law Clinic a Huge Success

On September 16th, 2015 St Croix Valley Employers Association held their annual Labor Law Clinic. The seminar, titled “Mission Possible: Become a More Informed Leader”, covered several timely legal issues. Included in the seminar were the following missions and takeaways from the speakers:

Mission 1: Understanding OSHA and How They Can Work for You, presented by Mary Bauer-OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist . Mary reviewed the new changes in OSHA reporting. Within eight hours after the death of any employee as a result of a work-related incident, you must report the fatality. Within twenty-four hours after the in-patient hospitalization of one or more employees or an employee’s amputation or an employee’s loss of an eye, as a result of a work-related incident, you must report the in-patient hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye to OSHA. Reporting must be done by phone, by electronic submission using the reporting application, or in person to the OSHA Area Office nearest to the incident.

Mission 2: Avoiding Wage and Hour Violations, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt, presented by Caitlin Gadel, Associate Attorney-Seaton, Peters & Revnew. Since 2000 FLSA claims filed by plaintiff attorneys have increased by more than 77% and proper classification of exempt employees is one of the biggest FLSA compliance issues. In order to avoid these problems, employers should stay up-to-date on all new rules and regulations, start preparing for the DOL’s new salary levels to go into effect, determine which employees may no longer be considered exempt and determine if the business will increase employees’ pay or start tracking employees’ hours in order to pay overtime.

Mission 3: Monitoring Employees…Smart or Too Much of a Risk? Presented by Jennifer Nodes, Associate Attorney-Jackson Lewis P.C. There can be several reasons for monitoring employees in the workplace. Employers may want to ensure productivity, protect trade secrets and confidential information, prevent fraud or theft, dissuade improper behavior or avoid data breaches. Whatever the reason, there are several issues that employers must be aware of before monitoring employees and almost all states have a common law tort for ‘invasion of privacy’. It’s important to assess your risks, adopt policies, develop and implement a written security program, create a culture of privacy and security and regularly reevaluate risks and policies as business and technologies develop.

Mission 4: New 2016 Requirements: All you need to know about ACA Reporting, presented by Stacy H. Barrow, Partner-Marathas Barrow & Weatherhead, LLP.  Getting ready for the ACA reporting requirements is on all of our minds. Stacy discussed what affordable coverage is, code section 6055 provider reporting and code section 6056 employer reporting. We were reminded that employers who show a good faith effort in complying with the information reporting requirements under section 6056 will not be liable for any accuracy related penalties. A great resource for updated ACA information is available in the fifth edition book, “The New Health Care Reform Law: What Employers Need to Know” by Paul M. Hamburger and Peter J. Marathas and is now available to purchase online.

Mission 5: Updates in Employment Law – Case Law Trends, Hot Issues, presented by Mike McCain, Lead Attorney-Eckberg Lammers. The top five case laws for 2014-2015 included issues related to the following:

  • Religious Accommodation
  • Wage and Hour
  • Social Media
  • Sexual Harassment
  • ADA Accommodation

This seminar is one of our most popular and the information that attendees receive from the various speakers is a great way to stay on top of important information in the human resources field.

For more information about the St. Croix Valley Employers Association, visit http://scvea.shrm.org/.

Blog post submitted by Trish Norman SHRM-SCP, President of SCVEA.


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Chippewa Valley SHRM Has Great Programming Lined Up This Fall

This fall has an exciting line up of programs for Chippewa Valley SHRM (CVSHRM).

On October 22nd, we will be hosting our Member Appreciation Night. We will be serving appetizers and also have door prizes for renewal of memberships.

We will be hosting a CVSHRM Orientation event on November 19th. We will share the benefits of being a member in our chapter as well as ways that our existing members can get more involved in our chapter.

Have you ever offered a position to someone only to have them turn it down? On December 3rd Jeff Kortes will be presenting to our group on how to add sales tactics to your recruiting strategy. “No Thanks…I Took Another Offer” is pre-approved for 1 HRCI and SHRM-CP/SCP Recertification Credit.

It’s looking to be an exciting last few months of the year at CVSHRM. To learn more about our chapter, visit our website at ChippewaValley.SHRM.org.

Blog post submitted by Brooke Richartz, CVSHRM Social Media Coordinator.

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Local Chapter Finds New Ways to Support the SHRM Foundation

The La Crosse Area Society of Human Resource Management had our silent auction event in September and we able to raise over $1000 to support the SHRM foundation. We had over 40 items to bid on from organizations around the community. I want to thank all of the organizations and members who were involved in making this event a huge success.

Supporting the causes we believe in can be challenging in today’s world as there are many important causes and things we want to support. As parents we want to support our children’s school which if you have more than one child in different schools you might be supporting many different schools. If you’re involved in a church you may donate to your church on a regular basis. Everyone has known someone with cancer or other medical condition so we want to take time to support these cures as well. It can be tough as individuals to financially balance where and when to support all of the different areas.

Having a silent auction event for our SHRM Foundation event has helped improve our SHRM foundation contributions. LASHRM is always looking for new and innovative ways to make changes and support the SHRM foundation.

 Blog post submitted by:  Miranda Eisermann, Past President of LASHRM

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October Brings WISHRM State Conference and Chapter Events

The Wisconsin State Council SHRM  has a great State Conference planned and some Wisconsin SHRM Local Chapters are planning great events this month (October 2015).  

October 7 – “Create Your Career GPS – Navigating Your Success” – Greater Madison Area SHRM Roundtable – Madison

October 7 – “ERISA / COBRA Compliance” – SHRM Dodge County – Beaver Dam

October 7 – “Human Resources Management’s Role In Strategic Planning” – Oshkosh Area SHRM – Oshkosh

October 8 – “Annual Membership Meeting – Passion Drives Engagement, Alignment and Success” –Racine/Kenosha SHRM – Kenosha

October 9 – West Central Wisconsin SHRM Monthly Meeting

October 13 – “Resiliency / Crisis Planning” – Jefferson County Human Resource Management Association – Pewaukee

October 13 – “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P…and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention” – Blackhawk Area Human Resources Association – Janesville

October 14-16 – WISHRM State Conference “HR’s Marathon: Setting the Pace for the Future” – Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells

October 14 –  Diversity, Inclusion and Workforce Readiness Special Interest Group – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 15  – “Annual Fall Networking Event” – Talent Acquisition Special Interest Group – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 16  – “All Management is Change Management” – Performance and Development SIG – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 20 – ” The Value of Financial Wellness” – Total Rewards SIG  – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 21 – “Taking Charge of HR Technologies” – Green Bay Area SHRM , Green Bay

October 22– “ACA Reporting – The ‘How To'” – Employment Practices and Legislative SIG – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 22 – “Employee or Contractor: Misclassification from the DWD” – Government Affairs – GMA SHRM Toolbox – Madison

October 22– Chippewa Valley SHRM – Member Appreciation Party – Eau Claire

October 22 – Fond du Lac Area Human Resources Association – HR Membership Gala – Fond du Lac

October 27  – HR Department of One SIG – Metro Milwaukee SHRM

October 28 – “Spy Tactics for HR Professionals – Assessing Employee Truthfulness” – Lakeshore Area SHRM – Manitowoc

October 29 – GMA SHRM Revealed – Greater Madison Area SHRM – Madison

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Local WI SHRM Chapter Programming Takes Off in September

The Wisconsin State Council SHRM Chapters have great events planned for September 2015.   Here’s just a few!

Click on the presentation titles for a link to more information.

September 8 – Recruitment – Jefferson County SHRM – Watertown

September 9 – “Healthcare: What You Can Do To Make an Impact” – Oshkosh Area SHRM – Oshkosh

September 9 – All Day Workshop: Think Impact Solutions – “Inspiring Engagement: The Link to a High Performing Organization” and “Embracing the Challenge of Change” – Stevens Point Area Human Resource Association – Stevens Point

September 9 – “Spy Tactics” – Sauk Columbia Society for Human Resource Management – Wisconsin Dells

September 10 – Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Veterans in Your Workforce – Central Wisconsin SHRM – Wausau

September 11 – WCW SHRM Monthly Chapter Meeting – West Central Wisconsin SHRM

September 15 – Dynamic Communication: Increased Communication through Understanding Behaviors – Blackhawk Human Resource Association – Beloit

September 15 – Membership Appreciation and Membership Drive with Dodge County SHRM – Beaver Dam

September 15 – GMA SHRM Summit – Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything with Dr. John Izzo – Greater Madison Area SHRM – Madison

September 15 – FDLHR Legal Update – Fond du Lac Area Human Resource Association – Fond du Lac

September 15 – How to Lead the Way to Picture Perfect Change – Fox Valley Chapter SHRM – Kimberly

September 16 – Expanding Women’s Strengths & Opportunities in Today’s Workplace – La Crosse Area SHRM – La Crosse

September 16 – SCVEA Employment Law Seminar, Mission Possible: Become A More Informed Leader – St. Croix Valley Employer’s Association – New Richmond

September 16 – Managing Organizational Change – Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM – Green Bay

September 17 – Mastering Conflict – Chippewa Valley SHRM – Eau Claire

September 17 – Becoming the HR Professional of Tomorrow: Leading Change – SRKA – SHRM Racine and Kenosha Area Chapter – Gateway Technical College – Horizon Center

September 22 – 2015 Sheboygan County Workforce Development Executive Summit – Sheboygan Area SHRM – Sheboygan

September 23 – Employment Law Update – Lakeshore Area Human Resources Association – Manitowoc

September 25 – NAAAHR Regional Diversity Conference – Dimensions of Diversity: From Compliance to Integration – Sponsored by Metro Milwaukee SHRM – Milwaukee

There’s still time to register for the WI SHRM 2015 Wisconsin State Conference – HR’s Marathon – Setting a Pace for the Future. October 14 – 16 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Registration Fees go up after September 11th.

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